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T-CZ, a.s., being a successor of TESLA Pardubice, is a company with long tradition in the development and production of radar and radio communication equipment. T-CZ, ranking among the leaders of Czech hi-tech industry, delivers its products and services worldwide. The company facilities comprising own mechanical engineering and electrical production plant, together with testing facilities guarantee high quality of delivered products.

Thanks to its own R&D department and flexible field service team, the company provides comprehensive services to its customers in the form of turnkey deliveries. The L.P.P. holding a.s. is a 100% owner of the company.

At present the company pursues its main activities mostly in the fields of radio communication and radar technology. In these business fields T-CZ offers its customers complex and highly professional services.

In radio communication segment, the company production comprises mainly base and vehicle radio stations, and their configurations in radio networks. Radio communication devices comprise also a wide portfolio of vehicle, base, and special antennas and accessories. In the segment of radar technology, T-CZ is active in turn-key delivers of airport surveillance radars, PARs, ADS-B systems, and modernization of older airport radars. Deliveries of waveguides, antennas, and other components belong to additional activities of the company.

Additional activities of the company, represented by extensive mechanical production of components necessary for radar and radio communication equipment assemblies, are also a offered for external customers. Mechanical items can be produced according to customer’s specifications with required finishing and surface treatment.

Electromagnetic measurements at company test range, mechanical and climatic testing of various devices in company testing laboratory, consultancy and projects elaboration belong to additional services offered by T-CZ.

Areal T-CZ, a.s.


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T-cz is built on a solid foundation

Company history

Company T-CZ is the successor of former state enterprise TESLA Pardubice. TESLA Pardubice n.p. was founded in 1946 and during following period lasting nearly 50 years has grown in one of biggest and most important manufacturers of radars, radio communication equipment, and mainframe computers within the countries belonging to Eastern Block. Main target markets of TESLA were Eastern and Central Europe – the former countries of the Warsaw Treaty. After political changes in 1989 and beyond, which significantly affected entire Eastern Block, most of the market was lost and the large state enterprise employing thousands of people was transformed, split and subsequently privatised in 1993.
Historicky areal TESLA Pardubice

Company development



The history of Tesla Pardubice state enterprise dates back to 1919, when the company Telegrafia, was founded. Telegrafia, having its own R&D department, become soon a leading company of electronic industry in Czechoslovakia before WWII.
The company produced telecommunication and electrical medical devices, and also commercial radio receivers, amplifiers and record players of its own design. In 1945, Telegrafia was nationalised and incorporated into the new national corporation TESLA. In 1946 TESLA Pardubice n.p., state enterprise, became an independent company.

TESLA Pardubice n.p.

Since the 1950s, TESLA Pardubice n.p., state enterprise, gradually built its leading position in many fields of electronics as a manufacturer of mainframe computers (both analogue and digital), radio communication devices, consumer electronics, measuring instruments, microwave technology, and especially in the field of active and passive radiolocation.
R&D centre of TESLA Pardubice, the “UVR Opočínek” (“Opočínek Radio Research Institute”), dealing in radar technology, was founded in 1950. During next 40 years, the institute developed, designed, and assembled prototypes of several type series of PAR and ASR radars for both civil ATC and military applications. There was also a short but successful period of river shipboard radars production that has been exported mainly to Western Europe. Successful series of RPL-4 and RPL-5 GCA radar systems were among latest products designed by the institute in the 1980s. These GCA radar systems, together with more than 700 units of delivered PARs of various generations, ranked TESLA Pardubice at prestigious position among radar industries worldwide. And the last but not least, successful development and production of passive radiolocation systems RAMONA and TAMARA in fact established the new branch of radar technology – the multilateration systems.

HTT-TESLA Pardubice s.r.o.

n 1993 TESLA Pardubice s.p., state enterprise, was privatised and acquired in a public tender by HTT s.r.o. The economy of the new economic entity – HTT TESLA Pardubice s.r.o. – gradually stagnated due to the disintegration of the Eastern block and reductions of Czechoslovak/Czech army establishment.
The ownership change in 1997 did not have any positive impact either, and therefore it was necessary to split the company into several smaller business units, the largest of which was the newly formed T.E.S.L.A. CZ, founded in 1997.
Enterprise and innovation for competitiveness

OP Enterprise and Innovation

POTENTIAL - New Research and Development Centre T-CZ, a.s.

This project will involve the acquisition of measuring instruments, production equipment and software and other IT equipment that will primarily serve the newly established development centre. The project includes the construction of a new building. Instruments and equipment will be purchased on an ongoing basis with a final acquisition date of 1/2 December 2017. Financial support from EU funds is provided for the purchase of the R&D centre equipment.

INNOVATION PROJECT - Introduction of production of new radar systems

This project will include the acquisition of production technology for mechanical production (bending press, punching machine, CNC machining centre). The project includes the construction of production and storage facilities in the new R&D centre building. The production equipment will be purchased on an ongoing basis with a deadline of the end of February 2018. EU financial support is provided for the purchase of the R&D centre equipment.

INNOVATION PROJECT - New generation locomotive radio station

This project will involve the acquisition of new machinery – a production line with which we will introduce new technology for the production of printed circuit boards. This equipment includes: automatic soldering machine, machine soldering of mounted PCBs by reflow, Drying cabinet, System for covering soldering irons with nitrogen, AOI – optical inspection of mounted boards and Automatic board washer. The project implementation period is from 12 November 2017 to 31 December 2019. EU financial support is provided for the acquisition of equipment for the R&D centre.

TRAINING CENTRES - Training Centre of T-CZ, a.s., Pardubice

This project will purchase training aids and other equipment. The project includes the construction of a training centre in the new R&D Centre building. The equipment for the training centre will be purchased during November 2017. EU financial support is provided for the acquisition of the training centre equipment.

MARKETING 2 - International Exhibitions and Fairs

In 2017, T-CZ, a.s., among other marketing activities, participated as an exhibitor at international trade fairs in order to expand and strengthen its business interests in EU countries and beyond. These were mainly the TRAKO railway trade fair in Gdańsk, Poland, from 26 to 29 September 2017 and the World ATM congress, a trade fair for the protective and defensive aerospace industry, in Madrid, from 7 to 9 March 2017. The company traditionally participates in selected international trade fairs and records business successes related to business and technical contacts gained during these international fairs. T-CZ has translated this long-term marketing and business strategy into the Project for 2017, where, as part of its presentation and establishing new business relationships, it aims to win new business projects and orders both in EU and non-EU countries. This Project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund from the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness.