Vehicle Radio Systems

Multi-System locomotive radiostation

CAB Radio VS87

  • 19“ and 10“ rack mounting
  • Operates in GSM-R and GSM-P
  • Remote train stopping
Modern Multicolor Control Unit

Control Unit VO87

  • Extra wide viewing angle
  • Tempered glass display
  • Multilanguage interface
Multi-Element Antenna for CAB Radio

Multiband Antenna VA56

  • Low-Profile
  • Adjustable tuning
  • 2 x antenna for GSM/Data

Railway Radio Systems

Railway Duplex Radio Station

Base Radio ZR47S

  • Duplex voice communication
  • Automatic selection of station
  • Automatic decommissioning
Line Radio System

TRS System

  • Operates in the 450 MHz band
  • Covering 5,000 km of CZ railways
  • Auto-diagnostics

Train Diagnostics and Monitoring

Train Set Predictive Maintenance

Diagnostic System

  • Minimizes unplanned downtime
  • Extends train lifespan
  • Reduces maintenance costs
Train Monitoring and Autonomy

Wagon Monitoring

  • Measuring wagon mileage
  • Last known wagon position
  • Interior situation monitoring