Electrotechnical production


Electrotechnical production

  • PCB mounting including SMT assembly, reflow soldering, PCB machine washing, and optical control
  • Assembly of mechanical and electronic units, cable manufacturing, and wound parts production

T-CZ provides a range of services in the field of PCB assembly utilizing state-of-the-art SMT assembly lines, manual assembly for THT components, and mechanical assembly for complex assemblies. Additionally, we offer our customers the capability to manufacture wiring and winding components.

Detailed information

  • Line for prototype, small and medium series
  • Pb and Pb free process
  • Complete material supply, including PCB
  • Manual assembly of THT components
  • Automatic optical inspection
  • Traceability (material tracking)
  • Production according to IPC-A-610 standard


  • PCB or cut to 295 x 400 mm
  • Assembled components from size 0201 (0.5x 0.25mm) to 80x80mm
  • Machine capacity up to 180 trays
  • Screw dispenser for paste and adhesive application
  • Assembly speed up to 6100 parts per hour


  • Batch furnace for batch brazing with vacuum application
  • Flat joint or cut to 295 x 400 mm
  • Provides very even heat distribution on the board
  • Furnace temperature does not exceed 230°C – minimizes thermal stress on components
  • Suppression of voids in the solder joint when vacuum is applied during reflow



  • Pass-through soldering furnace
  • Strip width 310 mm

DCT InJet 388

  • Equipment for machine washing of mounted PCBs from flux residues
  • Automated washing process with water-based chemicals without the use of ultrasound
  • High cleanliness thanks to automatic control of the conductivity of the demineralized rinse water

AOI MEK Marantz GTAz 520

  • Device for automatic control of mounted PCBs
  • Possibility to check SMD and THT components
  • 1 main and 8 side cameras
  • Component check for presence, polarity, offset, soldering, text recognition
  • Camera resolution 10μm



  • Stereomicroscope for optical inspection of PCB prototypes
  • Magnification 6-60x
  • Side view option
  • Image output to PC


  • Assembly of mechanical and electronic units
  • Electrical setup, programming, ignition and testing capabilities
  • Final packaging


Cable manufacturing

  • Wide range of cabling – communication, power and coaxial cabling
  • We have original tools for connectors from Molex, Wieland, ILME, Huber-Suhner, etc.
  • Stock of cables compliant with EN DIN 45545-2 for railway environments
  • Output control of the produced cabling on testers


Wound parts production

  • Coils, inductors and transformers according to customer requirements
  • Vf coil sets in shielded enclosure
  • Coils with multiple taps
  • Air single-layer coils with a diameter of 2.5-10 mm, tinned leads, lengths on request
  • Winding with 0.05 – 2mm² wire